Retired Judge Appointed By Flynn Judge Incorrectly Accuses DOJ of ‘Gross Abuse of Prosecutorial Power’


A retired judge appointed by the Flynn trial judge to argue against the dismissal of charges in the case against General Michael Flynn stated that the Department of Justice (DOJ) was guilty of a “gross abuse of prosecutorial power.”

John Gleeson turned over an 83-page submission to the court on Wednesday.

Gleeson argued that the DOJ had no power to dismiss the charges leveled against Flynn after they were filed, and said the only reason they would seek such a dismissal was Flynn’s personal relationship to the president.

Talk about a political statement.  Everything he said is wrong.  The DOJ absolutely has the power to dismiss any charges it deems necessary, and the judge knows it.

This retired district judge from the Eastern District of New York was appointed by District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan after the DOJ sought to drop the charges to which Flynn pleaded guilty.  Flynn later sought to withdraw his guilty plea, and he was successful.

The DOJ has the power to drop a case, not the judiciary.  I don’t know what Constitution Gleeson is reading, but the Executive branch brings charges and the judiciary mediates a trial of those charges.  Sullivan is trying to usurp power from the Executive branch.

This reminds me of when Rod Rosenstein stonewalled the House Republicans by stalling the turning over of subpoenaed documents for hearings on the 2016 Obama government coup attempt.  Rosenstein was holding out for the 2018 midterms, hoping that the Democrats would win back the House and the investigation would go away.  I think that’s exactly what Sullivan is doing.  He’s trying to hold the Flynn case up until the 2020 elections.

Gleeson’s argument was that the government’s rationale for dropping the charges against Flynn was “riddled with inexplicable and elementary errors of law and fact.”

No, the rationale was the Obama FBI and DOJ set Flynn up in a perjury trap hoping he would give something up on Trump, and when he told them there was nothing to give up, the rogue agents charged him with lying to the FBI, even though we have evidence that the FBI originally said they did not believe he lied.

The perjury charge was that Flynn lied to the FBI when he answered a question about what he said during a phone call with the Russian ambassador about sanctions, but now we know through released FBI 302 documents that the FBI never asked Flynn about sanctions.  How could he lie about sanctions when he was never asked a question about sanctions?

Gleeson claimed the only reason to drop the charges was “on the fact that Flynn is an ally of President Trump.”

This man was a judge?  He is a clown.  Did he have the same evidence we’ve all seen before writing such a stupid opinion?

He noted that the president had tweeted or retweeted posts about Flynn, who had previously been his National Security Adviser, greater than 100 times since the allegations had been made.

Flynn’s attorneys have filed a request to a federal appeals court to dismiss the case, and that hearing is scheduled for June 12.

This is how deep the deep state goes.  We have former judges now being asked by the trial judge to give an opinion on why Flynn’s case should not be dropped, as if it’s up to the trial judge and not the Executive branch.  And this Gleeson character is sullying his own reputation as a judge by accusing the Attorney General William Barr of political nepotism.

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