Seattle Citizen Hero Fed Up With CHOP Starts Dismantling It When Others Try To Stop Him [VIDEO]


An unknown man is being celebrated by many for showing the world his frustration with downtown Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest “autonomous zone”, known as CHOP.

The man is seen in video footage single-handedly taking apart barricades and overturning tables in the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone as others tried to stop him.

“Move the f*** outta my way!” a guy shouted at another guy who was blocking him while he was picking up metal barricades, as part of the debris, tossing them into a makeshift pile.

“So, black man versus black man? This is what they want!” another guy interjected as the man was about to throw another barricade with the rest of them.

“Who gives a f***?” he fired back.



In what seemed like a very tense exchange, it appeared as if the guy pulled out a gun when confronted by another guy brandishing a knife.  As they both exchanged words and the fed-up man got louder, another person came in to try to diffuse the situation, which was quickly getting out of control.  He calmly took the knife away and the other man continued with his clean-up efforts.

And then someone else who got pissed by the man’s efforts griped, “you’re destroying their property!”  HA!  That’s a joke.  The fact of the matter is the CHOP cretins destroyed property that didn’t belong to them when they seized a part of the city without authorization.

However, the man was not deterred and went on with his business, and he was determined to make a good start at clearing the blocks-long illegally-occupied area that was ordered dismantled (finally) Monday by the city’s Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan.  I guess the Summer of Love has ended early.  Let’s hope there are enough other brave citizens there who are also fed up who come to his side and start helping with the cleanup.  God knows the Democrat administration hasn’t lifted a finger to get rid of them.

At one point the man shouted, “I’m sick of this s**t! F*** all you guys! Go home!” as he overturned a table.

He was heard later in the video tell people that CHOP is “not a black movement.”

“The only reason you guys are standing here is because those white people was up there first,” he said. “You know damn right this is not a black movement.”

“Get your own f***in’ movement,” he added. “What you guys are doing … nobody’s gonna hear.”

The official word from the CHOP Committee called the movement a “success,” urging supporters to “continue supporting the kind of revolutionary change we just created by voting for Joe Biden” in a statement Wednesday.

An important message from #CHOP #CHOPSeattle. Please amplify. Thank you for your support over the last two weeks. #ChopWasASuccess #CHOPcomms #CHOPCHAZ ☂️☂️☂️ #BlackLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/7e5ISrWvX6

— Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (Official Account) (@CHOPOfficialSEA) June 24, 2020

Although the group might declare the weeks-long occupation was successful, the city is now dealing with a class action lawsuit by residents and business homeowners who’re seeking damages, alleging that their Constitutional rights “have been overrun by the city of Seattle’s unprecedented decision to abandon and close off an entire city neighborhood, leaving it unchecked by the police, unserved by fire and emergency health services, and inaccessible to the public at large.”


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