The Emancipation Memorial ‘Celebrates’ Slaves Rising To Freedom, Not Disempowering Them


Protesters in Washington, DC are getting ready to tear down the Emancipation Memorial, a monument dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. It depicts the former president standing over a freed slave, beckoning him to rise, while the slave looks upwards.  It is chilling to witness because this is our history.

This depiction is triggering, according to protesters who are offended by anything these days, and most of the time they’re too ignorant to understand the real meaning behind the things they’re triggered about. This is one such case.

They believe the monument embodies the “disempowerment of black people that is forced upon us by white people.”  I believe they’re a group of very stupid people.  There, I said it.

A number of DC officials, together with the city’s delegate to Congress, Eleanor Holmes Norton, seem to agree with this characterization because they’ve called for the statue’s removal, though from them, via an orderly and democratic process.

However, this characterization is just flat out false.  Marcia Cole, a member of the African American Civil War Museum’s Female Re-Enactors of Distinction program, explained that the freed slave isn’t kneeling before Lincoln, as some race-hustlers have argued, and he isn’t servile at all. Instead, he’s looking up — not at Lincoln, but in the direction of freedom. The shackle on his arm has been broken, and he’s preparing to stand and walk free as a result of him finally being able to do so.

How bonehead stupid is it to claim that the Emancipation Memorial is putting down slaves?  Abraham Lincoln is standing over him, and the memorial was done after the Civil War where Lincoln defeated the Confederacy and ended slavery in the United States once and for all.  You half to be a half-wit to believe any memorial at all that has to do with Lincoln is derogatory against black Americans, slaves in particular.  Yet that’s exactly what Marxism does to people.  It drains their IQ points until they are capable of making asinine assumptions like this.

Furthermore, the statue’s history is an important testament to hard-earned civil rights and freedom.  There is no truer belief than the day slavery ended was a day the union became a more perfect place.  For the Soros-funded freaks at MediaMatters, I didn’t just say the United States was perfect.

The monument was paid for and dedicated by black people, many of whom had been former slaves.  Those are the people who are now being degraded by leftists who want to categorize the monument as something evil.  The day in which the monument was unveiled was declared a federal holiday, and representatives of the entire US government came together from all over to bear witness to the historic moment.  Frederick Douglass himself commemorated the day and spoke of freedom, Abraham Lincoln, and the way Lincoln rose to the occasion and fought not simply to keep the Union together, but to secure the rights of every man, woman, and child “under his rule.”  YES!  GOP!

In many ways, Douglass’s speech on that day perfectly sums up the monument: He recognized Lincoln’s faults but honored his memory and used it to demand justice for black people in America who were still being crushed by a South that rejected Reconstruction. Similarly, the Emancipation Memorial is an imperfect illustration of an imperfect man. However, it’s a testament to his legacy, to freedom, and to the great struggle that for so long defined our country.

Removing the statue from Lincoln Park would be a disservice to those that fought to put it there. And it would be a disservice to the entire nation, which would do well to keep in mind that freedom came at great cost and should never be taken for granted again.  That’s exactly what the people who are pushing for the monument to be removed are doing.  They are taking for granted the pain and suffering that went into the occasion to build and dedicate such a monument.

The Marxists do understand what the statue stands for, and they want it removed anyway.  That’s because the statue reminds us all of our histories, which for them is bad, because they’re trying to eradicate American history so that they can rebuild the society as utopian heaven on earth, which trust me, would be no utopia for anything.  The other reason is that anything that puts sunlight on ending the institution of slavery in the United States doesn’t come off well for the Democratic Party, who was the party of slavery for over a hundred years.

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