Twitter Pulls Trump Campaign Video of President Showing Empathy For Peaceful Protesters


Twitter has blocked a Donald Trump campaign video tribute to George Floyd over a copyright claim, in a move that bolsters tensions between the social media platform and the American president, one of Twitter’s most widely followed users.

The tech giant company put a label on a video posted by the @TeamTrump account that said, “This media has been disabled in response to a claim by the copyright owner.”

The video was still up on President Donald Trump’s YouTube channel and includes pictures of Floyd, whose death sparked widespread protests across the nation.

“Per our copyright policy, we respond to valid copyright complaints sent to us by a copyright owner or their authorized representatives,” Twitter said in a statement. The company did not mention who made the complaint to them.  I don’t believe there was a copyright complaint filed, because the video is full of love and hope, and it was a great message to the American people. And if there was, no one can tell me that it wasn’t lodged because the leftist mob searched and found out who created the video and threatened the creator.

The video is almost 4 minutes long, and it shows a montage of other videos and pictures of peaceful protesters marching, with police officers hugging protesters, while Trump’s speech supporting the protesters and denouncing violent rioters and criminals looting plays throughout.

What must have happened is the media mob, and Democrats, have been pushing the lie that Trump is attacking peaceful protesters.

Trump supporters pointed to the video to prove they are liars because the video makes it clear that the president fully supports the right of every American to protest, but at the same time he talked about the urgency to protect Americans from violent rioters and criminal looters.

The Left doesn’t want you to know that the president has empathy for peaceful protesters.  Leftists are throwing out a false narrative saying the president doesn’t support peaceful protesters.

Twitter fact-checked a tweet on Trump’s account where he said that many mail-in ballots would be “fraudulent” and predicted big problems with the November presidential election.  Incidentally, many believe the Democrats are pushing for mail-in ballots so that they can cheat Trump out of the White House.  Under his tweet, there’s now a hyperlink reading “Get the facts about mail-in ballots” that points visitors to a Twitter “moments” page with fact checks and news stories about Trump’s unsubstantiated claims.  Of course, everything the president said was accurate, but since Twitter is now invested in Trump losing reelection, they’re doing everything they can to help bring about his defeat, including censoring the president of the United States.

Joe Biden’s campaign lies almost every time they tweet, and we see no fact checks on them, only Trump.

Twitter also downgraded a 3rd tweet about the Minneapolis riots, and put a strong warning on it because Trump said that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Twitter stated that the tweet had violated the platform’s rules by glorifying violence.  Once again, the tech giant twisted Trump’s words into a violation.  He wasn’t glorifying violence.  He was warning Americans that when looters start breaking into businesses to steal, and city politicians do nothing to stop it, effectively telling police to stand down and let it happen, the criminal element starts shooting civilians and cops.  And he was right because we’ve had more than a few incidents where gun violence took place against cops and others.

Trump reacted by threatening to go against social media companies if they didn’t start treating everyone fairly.  They should have been deemed publishers years ago, but the president has been tolerant so far.  I think it’s time to remove their platform protections because they have clearly abused them against conservative voices for years now.

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Thanks, Terry

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