Video Catches the Moment a Protester’s Large Firework is Tossed Back into his Car and Explodes


In Riverside, California there was a riot going on when a protester in a black car drove up and the driver got out and lit a firework. Another protester came by, grabbed the firework, and threw it into the man’s car.

A female passenger in the car got out just before a massive explosion that could have caused her a severe injury.

Is Antifa running out of victims and are now feeding on their own kind? Or did he just make a mistake by thinking the man was the enemy? Or behind door number three, did he just not care?

The incident occurred on June 1 during a protest. After tossing the firework into the man’s car, he was assaulted by onlookers and the driver of the car in question.

Police arrested 20-year-old Gabriel Castillo and charged him with possession of illegal fireworks and for violating probation for evading police.

It would be fine by me if this would happen to more of the rioters since Democratic DAs are releasing rioters rather than charge them with a crime.

From The LA Times

Other demonstrators rush toward the car, and one picks up the lit firecracker, tossing it into the sedan. A woman in the passenger seat jumps out, while another person in the back seat appears to be locked inside.

The car fills with white smoke and then a burst of light. Red and green sparks shoot in and out of the vehicle, and it begins to roll backward with the windshield wipers slowing swaying. As the video ends, a crowd descends on the car.

Police arrested Gabriel Castillo, 20, of Perris, whom they accuse of lighting the firework.

Authorities say that Castillo and onlookers assaulted the person who threw the firecracker into the car, but the released video, which cuts out after 24 seconds, does not show any attack.

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