Wisconsin Democrat State Senator Attacked By Rioters at the Capitol Tuesday Night [VIDEO]


Late Tuesday, a Democrat state senator from Milwaukee, Wisconsin was mauled by a bunch of rioters at the Wisconsin State Capitol during a violent clash that included two statues being toppled, according to a report.

State Senator Tim Carpenter told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he was beaten after taking a photograph of some of the protesters.

“I don’t know what happened,” he told the paper. “All I did was stop and take a picture and the next thing I’m getting five-six punches, getting kicked in the head.”

Video footage captured by the senator shows hundreds of protesters chanting in the street, before two white female activists break from the pack and charge towards Carpenter’s direction.

‘Hey, you’re not recording,’ one of them shouted, throwing her hand towards the senator’s phone, to block the camera lens.

As the senator pleaded with the woman to not damage his phone, she could be heard ordering him to delete the video, while the two of them fought to control who had the phone.

A reporter posted a picture of Carpenter while he had to kneel by his car.

Folks, this means that the rioters aren’t picking sides among us, the humans who are just trying to get through all of the chaos and mayhem they’re bringing to cities all across the country.

Social media posts from the scene early Wednesday indicated that police in riot gear had been warning protesters and rioters to leave the area after reports that some of them had been trying to break some of the windows of the capitol building.

NBC 15 reported that rioters toppled the two statues.  We reported that Black Lives Matter toppled one of the statues that was of Col. Christian Heg, an immigrant from Norway who died fighting for the Union army against slavery.  They defaced the statue, beheaded it, then threw it into a nearby lake.

Rich Lowery, the editor of the National Review, took to social media and tweeted, “It’s now open season on abolitionists who recruited troops for the Union army, ably led them, and died courageously on the battlefield.”

The violence on Tuesday began after a black man was arrested at a restaurant after police said he brought a bat and a megaphone into the restaurant, the report said.

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