A Group of Neighbors Release Statement Condemning McCloskeys for Using Guns to Defend Their Home From Protest


Adding insult to injury, a St. Louis couple who defended their home with legal firearms have been condemned in a letter from their neighbors. This is especially egregious in St Louis where the Soros financed DA, Kim Gardner has refused to prosecute a single rioter regardless of their crime.

In the pictures and the videos I saw, neither the neighbors nor the private security firm from the gated community appeared to defend the couple on their property. In fact, I would consider the security firm of being totally negligent and if found guilty of such, should be fired immediately.

In part, the letter stated:

“Some of us choose to speak up following the horrific event that transpired on Sunday evening near our homes. As the undersigned, we condemn the behavior of anyone who uses threats of violence, especially through the brandishing of firearms, to disrupt peaceful protest, whether it be in this neighborhood or anywhere in the United States,” the letter read.

“As residents of Westmoreland Place, we seek positive action and constructive dialogue that builds and maintains a civil and good society.”

Remember the mob who “peacefully” protested not only broke through an iron gate to get into the community, they also threatened some of the inhabitants of the community. I think the neighbors have a lot of gall but no backbone whatsoever in condemning a couple for protecting their million-dollar home.

From The Blaze

The plight of the McCloskeys has fueled the partisan debate over the George Floyd-inspired protests that have turned to violent looting and arson in some cases.

The McCloskeys say they support the Black Lives Matter cause but that they were fearful for their lives after the threats they saw on social media against them and their property.

The St. Louis police are investigating whether members of the protest mob, who damaged a gate to gain entry to the property, can be charged with fourth-degree assault by intimidation or trespassing.

I don’t know why the police are bothering since Soros tool, Kim Gardner will not prosecute them anyway. In fact, her office is trying to bring charges against the couple for not allowing BLM from destroying their home and possibly endangering their lives.

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