Black Lives Matter Totally Shuts Down Nation’s Capital On Independence Day


To no one’s surprise, the BLM completely shut down the nation’s capital on the Fourth of July and made it impossible to enter or leave the city.

Of course the mayor, Muriel Bowser could have sent the police in to clear the roads but she has been complicit with rioters by means of passive enforcement of the law.

They danced and stomped on the American flag.  They then started blocking strategic streets throughout the city.


Later they burned an American flag near the White House.


They also engaged a group of Trump supporters and they started fighting over a pole containing a “don’t tread on me” flag, a Trump flag, and an American flag. When the police arrived to try to break the two groups apart the protesters turned on the police.


From The Daily Caller

The protesters marched down I Street and turned towards the Capitol building. The group got in a stand-off with police when officers formed a line in front of the Trump hotel. Eventually, the protesters were able to make their way onto the highway, resulting in D.C. traffic coming to a total standstill.

Commuters driving from work or from the fireworks event at the National Monument found themselves stuck in the city. Roads were closed off all around the nation’s capital as the protesters took over the highway.



Demonstrations have been ongoing since the death of George Floyd May 25. Floyd died in Minneapolis Police custody after an officer kneeled on his neck for several minutes.

Nationwide protests gave way to violent riots in some cases, leading to arson, vandalism, and looting.

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