BREAKING: Portland Rioters Smash Through Door of Portland Police Association, Light it on Fire (VIDEO)


Another day, another riot in the 5th world country of the People’s republic of Portland. This would not have continued for the past fifty-plus days if the city had a mayor, which they don’t. Last night they broke into the Portland Police Association office and set it on fire. Then they tried to barricade the police inside the burning building.

Hey, Bill Barr, how about some attempted murder charges over here, huh?


Democrats claim that the “peaceful” protester only want police reform, yet as BLM marched through the street they were chanting  “every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground.”  But, then again when was the last time Democrats were right about anything?

Earlier in the week, the president of the PPA Daryl Turner met with acting DHS chief Chad Wolf and that set the mob off again. This sparked outrage by the thugs. The ones in the streets and the ones running the city. The alleged mayor Ted Wheeler refused to meet with the DHS.

On Friday night, one of the BLM organizers declared that their goal is the  “abolition of the United States as we know it” and referred to our nation as “stolen land.”


Following the speech BLM tied a man to a fence and brutally beat him and then they help a minister at gunpoint before beating him and throwing him out of the riot.

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