Chicago Shootings Continue Amid Protests, Police Union Chief Now Asking Trump For Federal Help To Quell Violence


Chicago is the kind of town where you even Brian Williams would not have to lie about dodging bullets. Survivor….Chicago has been canceled solely because no one survived. Under the leadership or rather the lack thereof of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the numbers are simply exploding.

Last week 50 were shot and seven were killed in Chicago, including a pregnant woman and a five-month-old baby. In the past, President Trump has offered to send help but Lightfoot refused him, claiming he would make it worse. How could it possibly get worse? But still, Lightfoot insists that the shootings in Chicago are the president’s fault, not hers.

When you allow rioters to have their own way and you avoid prosecuting them like the plague, what other results could you possibly expect? When there is no punishment for bad behavior, it encourages that behavior to be repeated time and time again. In fact, it gets worse because the bad guy’s test to see if there are limits on their indulgence.

ABC in Chicago pointed out in the middle of the weekend there had been fifty shootings, including seven teenage boys.  In conservative cities experiencing these kinds of numbers (Although none ever do) the city leaders would be making plans. In Chicago, they only make excuses.

On Friday night, rioters attacked a statue of Christopher Columbus and in the process injured 18 police officers. Did Lightfoot call for their arrest and conviction? Surely you jest.

Saturday night Chicago Fraternal Order of Police president John Catanzara, posted an open letter to federal authorities:

“Mayor Lightfoot has proved to be a complete failure who is either unwilling or unable to maintain law and order here. I would be willing to sit down anytime and discuss ideas about how we can bring civility back to the streets of Chicago. These politicians are failing the good men and women of this city and the police department.”

Lightfoot replied by blaming Trump:

“If you really wanted to help the city, let’s start with the fact that you would weigh-in, Mr. President, on common sense… gun reform. It makes no sense that people from Chicago can go across the border to Indiana and buy military-grade weapons and bring them back to our city and kill our children.”

Here is my question. If Indiana is truly the problem, why are there no mass killings in Indiana like they have every weekend in Chicago?


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