Crazy Woman Harvard Grad Now a Crybaby After Her ‘I’ma Stab You’ Rant Cost Her a Dream Job [VIDEO]


We reported on the recent Harvard graduate, Claira Janover, when she posted a tough guy video saying she would stab the next person of “caucasity” if they say “All lives matter,” has now posted another video Wednesday saying she lost her job offer from Deloitte on account of her ‘I’ma stab you video that went viral.

The moron posted a disclaimer with the video that read, “For legal reasons this is a joke.”

Well, for legal reasons, I think she’s the joke.

In her latest video, the once tough talking Black Lives Matter activist has a tearful meltdown, blubbering like a little girl as she blames Trump supporters for losing the job she says she worked so hard to get.


Folks, she threatened to stab someone for saying “All Lives Matter.”  She blames the people she threatened for her woes, and wonders why she lost the job offer.  I have not an ounce of sympathy for this crazy person.  Let’s hope she learned a lesson from it.  Don’t threaten people and expect to have no consequences.

Janover’s viral video and the retweet of ‘this is a joke’ disclaimer, and one other video below where she expresses anti-white racism.

The next person who has the sheer nerve, the sheer entitled caucasity to say ‘all lives matter’, I’ma stab you! I’ma stab you! And while you’re struggling and bleeding out I’ma show you my paper cut and say, “my cut matters too.” As she talked, she even emphasized certain words by moving the camera in for a close up then out again in quick succession, reminding old-timers like me of a Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In episode.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time she attacked white people.

The grown up world is not like college where they provide safe spaces for snowflakes to calm down on campus where woke college students get to bully and threaten others into submission.  It’s a shame to spend all that money on an Ivy League education and they never taught her that the reasl world doesn’t like the woke Fantasy Island that is college.

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