Farrakhan Accuses Two Democrats Of Plotting To ‘Depopulate The Earth’ With ‘Virus’ Vaccine


Louis Farrakhan gave a speech on Independence Day and included in that message, he said that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, both Democrats, are plotting to “Depopulate the Earth” with a DTMNBN (Disease That Must Not Be Named) vaccine.

Speaking from the Nation of Islam HQ, Farrakhan directed his message to his followers here and people living in Africa that they should avoid getting a DTMNBN vaccine at all costs. The same goes for other medicines developed in the Western world.

That would limit drastically the medications they could accept considering the vast majority of new drugs are developed in the Western world.

Farrakhan said:

“I say to my brothers and sisters in Africa, if they come up with a vaccine, be careful. Don’t let them vaccinate you with their history of treachery through vaccines, through medication.”

“Do not take their medication.”

“They’re making money now, plotting to give seven billion, five-hundred million people a vaccination. Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and Melinda — you want to depopulate the Earth. What the hell gave you that right? Who are you to sit down with your billion to talk about who can live, and who should die?” 

“That’s why your world is coming to an end quickly, because you have sentenced billions to death, but God is now sentencing you to the death that you are sentencing to others.”

From The Daily Caller


Farrakhan’s remarks closely resemble those of anti-vaccination activists, as well as some conservatives who have leveled unfounded allegations about Fauci’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

One popular conspiracy theory is that Fauci is prolonging the duration of the coronavirus pandemic by proposing a series of economic lockdowns and social distancing policies until a vaccine is developed.

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