Federal Authorities Send Ghislaine Maxwell to Same Prison Where Epstein Committed Suicide


Federal authorities have sent Ghislaine Maxwell to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

That is the same facility where broken cameras and failed inspections by corrections officers allowed Epstein to commit suicide (if that is what really happened).

I wonder if she will commit “suicide” also.

There are rich and powerful people that would love for Maxwell to never be able to testify so it is curious that they would send her to the failed facility.

I have no opinion either way on Epstein’s death but I do find it curious that she should be sent there. She too, is on a suicide watch.

This is especially curious if reports of her cooperating with authorities is correct. Will the cameras not be working and will her guards be sleeping? I just don’t know but if anything happens to her, someone will have to pay and pay through the nose. How would AG Bill Barr be able to justify sending her to a prison with no oversight?


From The Gateway Pundit

According to the New York Post, the accused madam was moved from a New Hampshire jail to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

Jeffrey Epstein confidant Ghislaine Maxwell has been transferred from a New Hampshire jail to a federal lockup in New York City, officials said.

The Post previously reported that Maxwell could end up in the Sunset Park lockup instead of the Metropolitan Correctional Center federal prison in Lower Manhattan where Epstein killed himself in a cell last August.

“After the debacle with Epstein, nothing can happen to her,” a source told The Post on Saturday.

The source added a plea deal is possible if Maxwell “has proof which will lead to the conviction of bigger fish.”

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