John Weaver – Co-Founder of the Lincoln Project – Is Paid Russian Agent for Corporation that Now Owns Hillary Connected Uranium One


So, Vladimir Putin wants Trump to win in 2020? If that narrative was true, why does NeverTrump leader John Weaver work as an agent for Russia and for the same company that now owns Uranium One? Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

What makes this even more curious is that Weaver has been accusing Trump of being an agent of Russia, when it was actually he who was an agent for Russia.

Weaver has worked for the McCain and Kasich campaigns which should tell you he has never been a conservative. Too bad Mitt didn’t run this year, Weaver could have worked for him. He seems to have a knack of working for liberals posing as Republicans. They would have been a perfect match. After all, they are both monumental losers.

Weaver registered as an agent nforn Russia in 20919:

Weaver worked for a company owned by Tenex which is owned by Rosatom, the company Hillary and Obama/Biden allowed to buy Uranium One, which gave Russia 20% of all uranium mined in the United States.  Who is the Russian agent now, Mr. Weaver?

From The Gateway Pundit

Weaver was a Russian agent for a company that was ultimately owned by TENEX which in turn is ultimately owned by Rosatom, a Russian State-Owned entity.

Rosatom is the same company involved in the Uranian One deal where Bill Clinton made $500,000 in speaking fees in Russia after the deal was approved by Hillary and the corrupt Obama Administration.  Rosatom ended up the owner of Uranium One and a large percent of the US’s uranium mines, and the Clinton Foundation made off with millions in Russian ‘donations’.

Weaver is working for the defeat of a president who refuses to pander to Russia like Obama/Biden did. Remember the Obama message to Putin that he would be more flexible after his reelection?

The truth is that Putin hates Trump for undercutting Russia on oil and gas production, the only real industry Russia has. During the Trump administration, the United States passed Russia as the leading producer of energy. Russia had been using their energy resources as a way to force Europe to go along with them on many issues.


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