Joseph Misfud’s Link University Raided: 14 People Now Under Investigation


For some time now, the idea that Italian intelligence played some kind of part in the Russian Collusion Hoax, possibly in aiding John Brennan, the head of the CIA at the time. Four top officials were already forced to resign without any reason being given.

Josef Mifsud was attached to Link University in Rome. That is where George Papadopoulos met him. The university has been raided and it is being reported that 14 people are currently under investigation. Papadopoulos says that it has to do with Mifsud, but there is nothing concrete at this point.

Papadopoulos in an interview with former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino explained the circumstances under which he met Maltese professor, Josef Mifsud.  He had been working with a group in London when he announced he was leaving to work on the Trump campaign.

But, the group convinced him to travel to Rome with them to meet some people. He agreed, considering it a three-day vacation before returning to the United States. It was there at Link University that he met Mifsud. Papadopoulos later found out that the university was a training center for Western spies.

Link University has links to the CIA. At the time, John Brennan was the CIA chief and had supposedly enlisted the aid of Italian intelligence to allegedly plant false information on presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

We do know that AG Bill Barr and his hand-picked investigator traveled to Rome several times, gathering information on the origins of the spying effort against Donald Trump.Some say that Rome and London are the main locations for the Spygate scandal in Europe.




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