Judge Sullivan Appeals Order to Dismiss Flynn Case


Crooked Judge Emmet Sullivan has appealed the recent court decision ordering him to dismiss the charges against Gen Michael Flynn.

Sullivan is requesting an en banc vote of the entire 19 judge panel.

The problem is that he has no standing since he is neither a member of the prosecution or the defense.

This is just the latest outrage by a dishonest judge.

He should be permanently removed from the bench and have his pension either severely cut or eliminated entirely as a message to other judges who feel they are above the law.

He has forfeited the right to sit in judgment of others.

The DOJ dropped the charges against Flynn once it became apparent that he had been framed by the FBI. Sullivan refused to dismiss the case just because the law says he has to.

If he loses the argument that the case should be heard en banc he can appeal to the Supreme Court, but they can refuse to hear the case and Sullivan would then be forced to dismiss all charges, but that does not mean he will.

From The Gateway Pundit


“The panel’s decision threatens to turn the ordinary judicial process upside down. It is the district court’s job to consider and rule on pending motions, even ones that seem straightforward. This Court, if called upon, reviews those decisions—it does not preempt them.”

The appeal concludes with more swipes at the appeals court ruling and an ‘I was just doing my job’ justification.

Trump attorney and campaign legal advisor Jenna Ellis says Sullivan has no standing to appeal, “Not surprising but totally ridiculous. Sullivan is NOT a party. He actually has no standing to petition for en banc. He should be removed from the bench entirely after his egregious conduct.”


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