Video: Man Who Sucker-Punched Macy’s Employee in Viral Video Arrested


Opinion|  Yeah, the fact that I am writing this is a little, no, a lot, depressing.  I am currently trying to teach my 1-year-old that hitting people (even if they take the toy you are holding) is not an appropriate response. My 4-year-old seems to understand it … most of the time.  The 7-year-old, she knows that hitting people, unless to defend yourself is not OK.

In America these days, we seem to have an entire generation of folks who think initiating physical violence against people is perfectly fine, even something to be celebrated, as long as you provide one of the following, absurd, excuses.  Here is a list of things that the left seems perfectly fine smashing your face in for these days:

-Wearing a red hat

-Supporting the President of The United States

-Being proud to be an American

-Supporting Capitalism

-Waving or carrying the American Flag

-Being White

-Agreeing with MLK Jr, that ‘all lives matter’

In just one recent instance (of MANY) a random guy with glasses and a mask on (apparently not as relevant description as ‘white male’) gets brutally attacked by another random guy, apparently for no reason.

Now, the assailant claims that the guy, who seems to be talking on his phone, called the man (without the mask on) the ‘no no’ word.

The video does not show what happened before the assault, but judging from the fact that the man who was attacked seems to be minding his own business, talking on the phone, wearing a mask, and in business attire, after being struct becomes totally submissive, combined with the fact that the beginning of the, seemingly planned assault, was all perfectly recorded on camera, I’m going to go out on a limb as GUESS that this did not happen.

Now, it is possible that this did occur, but after watching the video I’m more willing to believe the man on the floor to be the more rational actor than the one throwing the punches at someone with their back turned and then on the ground, begging for mercy.

However, in fairness, it’s possible that he called him, or said the ‘N word’, or said it while on the phone, you can draw your own conclusions.  Take a look at the video.

It has garnered almost 8,000,000 view on this thread alone, enough to get the attention of President Trump and earn a retweet:

Despite the fact that the President retweeted the video, I thought it was highly unlikely that the assailant would ever face justice.  However, in a rare moment of justice in the United States, we are now learning that Damire Palmer, an 18-year-old, has been arrested as a result of the video.

Amy Pierret, a self described ‘Crime Reporter for ABC 12 WJRT‘ tweeted out the following:

#BREAKING – Damire Palmer has been arrested by police. He was caught a short time ago. The 18-year-old is charged with assaulting a Macy’s employee inside the Genesee Valley Mall last month. @dsleyton confirmed my sources. #macysattack #FlintTownship #Macys

From the video I am not able to say with certainty that this is the perpetrator, but hopefully, if he is, someone is able to find a way to heal his mind from all the hate that seems to be circulating in it.

I do not know what is more troubling, the fact that the assault occurred, or that it was videotaped and then uploaded to Twitter.

I’m guessing that the metadata from the video will tell the cops who is the owner of the phone the video came from and that data will be used to determine the ID of the man in the video.

IMHO, It looks like the video was taken by a friend of the perp, and I’m assuming it was uploaded to Twitter to gain ‘clout’ for the man throwing the punches.  When we were kids we did some dumb stuff, but assaulting random people in the store because of the color of their skin sure as hell was not one of them.

America needs to come together and unite under the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. and begin, no, go back to, judging each other, not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character.  For if we do not, we will surely descend into chaos and catastrophe.

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