Representative Maxine Waters Makes A Fool Of Herself As She Rushes To Interfere W/ Police Who Stopped A Black Motorist


Opinion| Carmine Sabia| California Rep. Maxine Waters, who usually appears to be out of her mind, made herself look even more ridiculous this weekend.

The 81-year-old representative, who has been in Congress far too long for her own good, stopped in the middle of Los Angeles traffic to come to the aid of a black man who was stopped by police, The Daily Mail reported.

Waters did not say what she believed gave her the authority to interfere in a police investigation but there she was grandstanding on video.

The black Democrat told the person filming her that the cops had ‘stopped a brother,’ and that she was going to check on the situation. 

Waters claims that the deputies threatened her with a ticket for pulling over the way she did.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office later told DailyMail.com that the motorist had been pulled over as part of a burglary investigation.

In the footage of the incident, posted on Facebook by a user named Marva Brown, Waters is seen on the side of the road explaining her actions.

“They stopped a brother, so I stopped to see what they were doing,” Waters said in the video footage of the incident.

“They say I’m in the wrong place. They say they’re going to give me a ticket,” the representative said to the person filming.

“That’s ok, as long as I watch them,” she continued as she interfered in police business with a man being investigated for burglary.

The person who was videotaping the incident agreed with Waters and said “Gotta do what they gotta do. Make sure.”

“I will,” the octogenarian Congresswoman said as she walked toward a female officer and watched the interaction with the suspect.

Both the suspect and Rep. Waters were let go with a warning from police after police found a metal pipe in the driver’s car.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department said that Waters pulled her car up to the traffic stop and started “yelling at the deputies.”

She was later released with a warning after she refused to sign a citation for the possible violation, the spokesperson said.

The man who was pulled over was found to be in possession of a metal pipe, however, he also was released.

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