NBA Store That Says You Can Buy A ‘KillCops’ Jersey… Has Now Taken Them Down



David Hookstead tried to buy an NBA jersey that says FreeHongKong but he was told he could not buy one. Obviously that is because the NBA is as thick as thieves with the Chinese, so much so that Hunter Biden is getting jealous.

Then Hookstead asked if he can get one that says “Kill Cops.” but he was told that they weren’t set up for spaces in the wording but the attendant told him he could get an NBA uniform that says “KillCops” or “F*^KPolice” on it. The NBA now says that you can no longer order shirts with those sayings.



From The Daily Caller

The NBA wouldn’t sell me a custom Houston Rockets jersey with “FreeHongKong” on the back. The reason why is likely tied to the fact that the league is incredibly cozy with the Chinese dictatorship.

When asked if I could get “Kill Cops,” the sales attendant said stuff with spaces didn’t work. When I asked for “KillCops,” the sales attendant was more than willing to oblige.

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