Judge Jeanine: NYC ‘Now Like a Third World Country’ – Denounces Violent Attack on NYPD Chief and Other Cops


Judge Jeanine Pirro condemned an attack by violent groups on Wednesday that left some New York City cops, including the Chief of Department, Terence Monahan, bloodied and battered.

Pirro told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that a “march against violence” over the Brooklyn Bridge by police officials, members of the clergy, and activists was disrupted by “agitators” who assaulted a number of officers, leaving one with a broken eye socket.


“Just before the march there was a black SUV in front of City Hall [in Manhattan] where someone was handing out baseball bats,” Pirro claimed. “So, police tell me they were able to see some of those baseball bats but obviously, some of them they weren’t able to.”

Photos posted on the NYPD’s Twitter account show the wounded cops with blood streaming from their scalps and over their faces.

This will be the legacy of Bill de Blasio, the absolute worst mayor in NYC history.  He allowed the violence to get to this point.  He encouraged it with his childish assault on the president of the United States by authorizing the painting of “Black Lives Matter” on 5th Avenue, right outside Trump Tower.  Prior to the riots, de Blasio gave stand down orders on police, when New York’s criminal element started pouring water over uniformed cop’s heads, which is assault by the very definition, and demoralizing for police morale.  De Blasio is responsible for all of what’s going on in the Big Apple.

The “Justice with Judge Jeanine” host described the assaults as a part of “an all-out effort to destroy law enforcement and destroy whatever peaceful conglomerates we can bring together; the clergy and the police — and Chief Monahan, the guy who is the highest uniformed officer in the PD — he was either hit with a bat or some kind of wooden stick.”

The NYPD took to social media and tweeted at about 12:30 p.m. that at least three officers were injured by someone swinging a long object while they were putting a person under arrest on the opposite side of one of the bridge’s fences. A police spokesperson said Monahan suffered a non-life-threatening hand injury.

“New York City is now like a Third World country,” Pirro proclaimed, “and New York City will be like Chicago, like the homeless in Minneapolis, [like the] 43 days [of unrest] in Portland. They are bringing down our civilization intentionally.”

If Donald Trump loses reelection in November, this mayhem will be coming to your city, if it already hasn’t.  The difference hasn’t ever been more clear.  Vote for law and order under Trump, or vote for chaos and never-ending violence on our streets by voting for Biden.

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