Ohio City Declares Itself a ‘Sanctuary City’ — For Statues, Monuments Being Torn Down


Newton Falls, a small town in northeast Ohio has declared itself a sanctuary city that even President Trump would agree with.

But it’s not a sanctuary for illegal aliens, they have declared themselves a sanctuary city for statues and monuments and they are willing to accept certain statues that are at risk of being torn down.

City manager David Lynch proclaimed Saturday that the town will be a “Statuary Sanctuary City” that will be willing to accept statues and monuments of the following:

  • George Washington
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Ulysses S. Grant
  • Patrick Henry
  • Francis Scott Key
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Christopher Columbus

The proclamation states:

“The great leaders of our country and Western civilization, though flawed in many ways, have risen to great achievement such as the founding of our nation, the ending of slavery, establishment, and protection of our national parks, the establishment of antitrust laws to protect our citizens from overaggressive monopolization of industry, and the discovery of the new world itself.”

“These great leaders as represented in beautiful and artistic statuary throughout our nation deserve to stand in a place of honor and respect as a reminder that we, as Americans, can achieve great things.”

From The Blaze

The proclamation vows to place relocated statues “in a place of honor and respect to inspire greatness and achievement.”

Newton Falls’ stand comes as protesters nationwide tear down monuments and statues dedicated to America’s early leaders.

Washington, for example, is being targeted because he owned slaves, while Lincoln is being targeted despite signing the Emancipation Proclamation.

Even Frederick Douglass, who was born into slavery and is one of the most prominent black men in American history, has been targeted, including the tearing down of his statue in Rochester, New York, over the weekend.

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