Police Storm Into CHAZ After Seattle Mayor Orders ‘Occupied’ Area Cleared; 23 Arrested So Far


Heavily armed police and moving equipment stormed into the CHOP section of Seattle to clear the riff-raff out and return the neighborhood to its residents.

Just before the police raided CHOP, Mayor Jenny Durkan who was Antifa’s and BLM’s number booster until they showed up at her house and frightened her kids, issued an Executive Order to clear out the occupied zone.

As police entered the zone, the losers inside began catcalling and telling the police to leave, but it was the police that dictated who had to leave. The rioters tried to shore up the barricades surrounding the police precinct they had taken over and tried to use it to give themselves cover from the police.

Twenty-three people have been arrested so far for various charges in resisting arrest. Not that it matters because it is Seattle and I’d be surprised if even one of them ever sees the inside of a courtroom.


From The Gateway Pundit

“Officers were seen clearing tents and barriers in the CHOP. KING 5 crews saw officers using pepper spray on demonstrators who weren’t leaving the area after dispersal orders were given,” the local NBC affiliate reported.

KING 5’s Michael Crowe said a majority of the protestors had left the CHOP by 6:20 a.m. Around the same time, SPD tweeted that officers “continue to give dispersal orders and are moving remaining groups north through Cal Anderson Park.”

”The Seattle Police Department basically reclaimed the precinct in less than 30 minutes, 5 feet at a time with the bicycle officers out in front,” citizen journalist Omari Salisbury said. Salisbury has been live streaming from the CHOP throughout the protest in Capitol Hill.

Some in the zone were assisting police. “Thank you to the individuals affiliated with the CHOP who have assisted officers in encouraging people to safely leave the area,” SPD said i

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