Portland Antifa and BLM Launch Explosives at Federal Building While Barricading Agents Inside


The Portland riots by Antifa and BLM have been extended for its 50th consecutive night. Once again they attacked the federal courthouse and tried to barricade the federal officers inside as they shot explosives towards the building in hopes of setting it on fire. They also brutally attacked peaceful citizens who disagree with them.


The Portland Police tweeted:

“Officers have observed people in the area of the Federal Courthouse and Justice Center on SW 3rd Ave place fencing and sandbags in front of doors. This is criminal behavior. Participants not involved in criminal behavior are encouraged to leave the area immediately.”


The rioting in Portland has gotten way out of hand because of the weak-kneed mayor of the city, Ted Wheeler. They have looted, burned and assaulted everything and everybody that crosses their path because they know the Portland DA does not have the cojones to actually prosecute any of them.

In my not so humble opinion, the failure of Mayor Ted Wheeler, city council, and the police chief is treason and they should be made personally responsible for all damages. This is tantamount to treason.

The president needs to quit threatening and declare Antifa as domestic terrorists and then send in the feds to haul all of them away on federal charges even if it means building a new prison or two.



These terrorists are taking a great toll on the citizens and businesses in Portland and it’s obvious that Wheeler’s loyalties are with Antifa and not the people who elected him.

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