Portland Mayor Blames DHS for Violence in His City, Demands Agents Clean Up Rioters’ Graffiti


Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is pulling a Jenny Durkan and he is absolving antifa and BLM for the violence they are causing in Portland. Instead, he is blaming President Trump and DHS agents who are assigned to protect federal property against Wheeler’s Raiders.

That is ludicrous since the violence in Portland has been ongoing for years, with the most recent spate of violence beginning in May. Federal agents arrived in Portland in mid to late June. In this case, it is obvious what came first, the chicken or the egg. To make matters worse, he wants the feds to clean up the graffiti left behind by the rioters.

The good news is that Wheeler is facing reelection this year and he has created enough victims that he could very well be defeated. That would punish him. Of course, he could win and that would punish the entire city of Portland. Democratic voters in Portland like those in California are suffering from their choice of elected officials.

Antifa has been attacking a federal courthouse in the city but has been driven back time and time again by DHS agents. A week ago they were trying to fire mortars inside the courthouse in an effort to burn it down. They have finally given up on that pursuit as they take over a nearby park as they kick the police out.


DHS has offered to help Portland with its violence problem but Wheeler loves leftwing violence and has refused their offer to help retake the city. Wheeler wants the feds to either stay in their buildings or to leave town so his beloved Antifa can take over the city. He should count on neither scenario unfolding.

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