Schiff Blows a Gasket Over Trump’s Commutation of Stone Sentence


Adam Schiff is out of his mind after President Trump commuted the sentence of Roger Stone. The Stone trial was a farce from the moment activist judge Amy Berman Jackson slipped on her robe and put her morals back in the closet.

He was charged with spreading the word from Russia on the alleged hacking of the DNC computer, but she refused to allow him to call witnesses that would have refuted those rumors, including the president of CrowdStrike.

Then she decided to let the conviction stand even though the jury foreperson lied about her activism in the  Democratic party and her hatred of Roger Stone. She had posted and retweeted stories about Stone on her social media. Berman should never sit on the bench in any trial where the crime is jay walking or less. She is a disgrace.


From The Gateway Pundit

President Donald Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence on Friday evening.
Roger Stone was a victim of the Russian hoax investigation and the Obama spying campaign on candidate and President Trump.

His partisan judge moved to make sure the political activist would die in prison.
Tonight President Trump did the right thing and commuted Roger’s sentence.





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