Sociopaths Raid Facebook Page of Young Mom Murdered for Saying ‘All Lives Matter,’ Torment Her Family


Doty Whitaker is the young white mother who was gunned down by a black mob after saying “All Lives Matter”, leaving behind her three-year-old girl. Now, they are invading her social media pages to cheer the fact that she was murdered by these thugs.

Doty and her fiance were walking with two friends down near the canal when a group walked by and said “Black Lives Matter.” Doty replied “All Lives Matter.” Moments later she and her friends walked into an ambush that saw her hit with three bullets, killing her.

Both the local and national fake news networks gave it scant coverage at best and neither put the blame where it should be. They began reporting that someone from Doty’s group used the word “nigga” in order to shift the blame for the heinous murder. I just won’t give the lamestream media the benefit of the doubt, having heard all their propaganda before.


The world would be better off without these ghouls. Anyone who thinks murder is a good thing is not worthy of our time or compassion. BLM is under the impression that senseless violence will win over hearts and minds. Not one single Democrat is willing to say anything about the violent riots perpetrated by their allies.

From The Gateway Pundit

One user named Eric Albany wrote “Racist Rachel is pushing daisies and the streets are a little safer.”

Another soulless goon named Josh Long wrote “can’t feel bad when you used a racial slur and acted a f-cking fool.” It has not been alleged by anyone that Whitaker was the one who said it.

A particularly vile individual quoted Whitaker’s mother Arlena Doty who had told local station WTHR that “I just want the people who are responsible to be held accountable.” In response, he wrote “I got some bad news for you Arlene. You are the one responsible for raising your daughter to hang out with racists.” Again, it was never alleged that the word was used as a slur, but rather as slang, amongst a group of friends.

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