Trump Replies To Minn’s Dem Gov Request For Federal Tax Money To Fix His $500MM Mess: You Can Go Pound Sand


Opinion| If you can’t foot the bill … defend the hill?  I’m sure you can come up with a better saying, but this is the gist of the Trump administration’s response to Minnesota’s Democrat Governor Walz’s request for a half a billion dollars.

Walz is seeking to use your money to repair the damage from the riots and civil unrest that ensued following George Floyd’s death, while handcuffed, in police custody.

The little kid, Jacob Frey, who somehow was elected Mayor of Minneapolis, provided no leadership during the riots that ensued after his police department killed George Floyd.

In this viral clip you can learn everything you need to know about lil Jacob, his judgement, his leadership, and his striking stature:

NBC ‘News’ reported at the time:

‘Police had cleared the 3rd precinct shortly after 10 p.m., when demonstrators forcibly entered and “ignited several fires,” department spokesman John Elder said.

Mayor Jacob Frey said Friday in an early morning news conference that he made the decision to pull police out of the precinct. “You know brick and mortar is not as important as life,” he said.

He called the vandalism and arson “unacceptable,” but vowed that officers would still patrol the community served by the 3rd Precinct. “We will continue to do our jobs in that area,” Frey said.’

The moral of the story is that actions have consequences, and now it looks like Minnesota is going to be on the hook for their electing of feckless leadership and their neighbors lawlessness:

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports:

Walz asked President Donald Trump to declare a “major disaster” for the state of Minnesota in his request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on July 2. More than 1,500 buildings were damaged by fires, looting and vandalism in the days of unrest that followed Floyd’s May 25 death in Minneapolis police custody, racking up more than $500 million in damages, according to Walz.

The governor’s spokesman, Teddy Tschann, confirmed late Friday that the request for federal aid was denied.

“The Governor is disappointed that the federal government declined his request for financial support,” Tschann said in a statement. “As we navigate one of the most difficult periods in our state’s history, we look for support from our federal government to help us through.”

Republican Minnesota U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer on Thursday sent a letter to Trump in response to Walz’s aid request, asking for a “thorough and concurrent review” of the state’s response to the unrest so that “every governor, mayor and local official can learn from our experiences” and prevent such a situation from happening again.

“If the federal government is expected to assist in the clean-up of these unfortunate weeks, it has an obligation to every American — prior to the release of funding — to fully understand the events which allowed for this level of destruction to occur and ensure it never happens again,” Emmer wrote.

Minnesota Public Radio reported:

“After a thorough review of Minnesota’s request for a major disaster declaration from extensive fire damage as a result of civil unrest in late May and early June, it was determined that the impact to public infrastructure is within the capabilities of the local and state governments to recover from. The governor has 30 days to appeal that decision.”

Call me crazy, but how about Minnesota starts talking about helping pay for all the other cities who saw looting and riots due to their actions and ineptitude?

If America does not restore personal responsibility soon, we are going to fall into a very, very dark place.

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  1. Derek Baker

    July 12, 2020 at 6:37 pm

    Don’t give them a dime President Trump! Seattle needs to learn from their mistakes and blatant disregard for law enforcement. Unfortunately, suffering is the only way to teach this fools anything. If they don’t like it, they can go live in Iran!

    • Derek

      July 12, 2020 at 6:41 pm

      Correction: I meant Minnesota.

  2. La

    July 12, 2020 at 6:56 pm


  3. Collette Blanchard

    July 12, 2020 at 7:17 pm



    July 12, 2020 at 8:25 pm

    If you think silencing us will help your cause you are wrong. We the silent majority have had enough even though we wait in silence it doesn’t mean we approve your actions. The left has attacked us sense Trump was elected and you people have had one tantrum after another. We are fed up and will come to a head soon! You will NOT like the outcome of your destructive agenda. If you think you are in power think again because it will bite you in the BUTT! We are armed and one day you will come to the wrong state and town we are ready for you and will resist with a vengeance! Bring it on!

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