You Can’t Fix Stupid: AOC Blames Rise in Crime on People Stealing Bread


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested the reason crime numbers are up in NYC is because people have to steal loaves of bread to survive.

But the theft of items under $1,000 is down by 7.5%, therefore what she says makes no sense whatsoever.  At the same time murders are up 27.1% and shootings are up 53.5%.

Therefore if the increase in crime is because of stolen loaves of bread, store owners must be shooting them.

But, likely, the crime rate has increased because Mayor Bill de Blasio has allowed the rioters to run wild and did not give the police enough back up to put a halt on the riots.

The fact that NYC did away with their 600 plainclothes force probably figures into the equation as well.

They were able to stop a lot of crime before it got too far.

The police have lost the element of surprise.


Mayor de Blasio is considering cutting $1 billion from the police budget and I expect that will result in increased crime as well.

The department will be forced to lay off a lot of policemen and women due to the lost revenue.

Fewer police cars and less equipment will also be the result of the cuts.

I am waiting with bated breath to see what happens the first time they send two social workers out on a call with an armed bandit or a domestic disturbance gone bad.

NYC coops are retiring at a record pace and if the City decides cutting the police was a bad decision, there will be no one to call back.


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