Agitator & Democrat Leader Shaun King Calls for More Violence & Mayhem, Demands Complete Dismantling of American Police


I could sit here and tell you all the reasons that Shaun King is a large part of why the racial divide is growing deeper within the United States.  I could sit here and tell you how Shaun poses as a ‘holier than thou’ humanitarian when he is quite the opposite, but I don’t need to do that, his words tell you all you need to know.

Perhaps you recall when Shaun King denounced Joe Biden and Kamala Harris … by name, singling them out of a field of a dozen or so candidates for the Democratic nomination for President:

‘ I’ll be frank and tell you, two Democrats, that I am 99% sure I won’t be supporting – primarily because of their dismal history on criminal justice reform over the course of their entire careers.

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris.

They both helped build & advance mass incarceration.’

For a guy who has built his entire image on being a ‘social justice warrior,’ it probably came as a surprise to … someone, when King wrote, in what appears to now be a deleted Tweet:

‘That’s it for me.

I am incredibly proud to see a brilliant Black woman, and HBCU grad, chosen as a Vice Presidential nominee. 

I’ve done political work my whole life.
It’s rarely things dreams are made of.

Kamala Harris is the most progressive VP nominee in American History.’

Confused?  Me too.  It kind of reminds me of how Lindsey Graham when from hating Trump and being best friends with one of the men trying to sabotage Trump’s candidacy, John McCain, to sucking up to Trump at every turn.  If we are being fair both sides of the aisle have their fair share of two-faced … ‘pony soldiers,’ and likely more than we care to believe.

These Tweets start to make more sense when you combine them with this recent tweet from King, following the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin:


I’m not going to call for peace.
We’ve tried peace. 

For years.

Y’all don’t understand that language.

We are calling for a complete dismantling of American policing.

It’s NOT broken.
It was built to work this way.

And mayhem is the consequence.
You earned it.’

Here is a screenshot of the tweet just in case Mr. King tries to scrub it from the web:

We say it all the time here, ‘when someone tells you who they are, believe them!’  Shawn King and many of the leaders of BLM are radical race-based revolutionaries.  Their goal is not equality, it is supremacy though destroying the justice system and replacing it with a ‘social justice system,’ which, ironically, seems to be a new form of slavery.

King’s first choice for President was Bernie Sanders and we need to look no further than the words of his campaign staffers to have seen this violence coming:

They told us this was coming … now it’s here.  Wake up America, before it’s too late.

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