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Biden: Implosion of US Economy Underway Admit’s Beijing Biden As He Kills Tens of Thousands of Jobs Day 1


Joe Biden thinks you are a HUGE idiot.  There is no other explanation after the man spends his first 2 days implementing policies that will end hundreds of thousands of jobs, and then gets up on TV and warns that the economy is worsening …

WELL NO S*** JOE!  You want to raise taxes to well over 50% and are not letting people engage in commerce … it’s almost as if you WANT TO DESTROY THE ECONOMY OF AMERICA.

Now what on Earth could that be?  Perhaps for China, you know, the nation that has made you and your son FLITHY and filthy rich?  This is unreal.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Joe Biden was all doom and gloom Friday after he destroyed tens of thousands of jobs his first day in office.

After his bizarre inaugural behind fences and 20,000 military troops, Biden hobbled to the Oval Officer were he signed several executive orders including the end of construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the end of construction of the Trump border wall.

Canceling the Keystone Pipeline costs over 11,000 construction jobs and 42,100 jobs throughout the US during the construction process according to the US State Department.

Canceling the Trump border wall will cost 10,000 jobs.

That’s a total of 52,100 jobs lost in his first 8 hours in office.

Biden also suspended new oil/gas leasing on federal lands and water.

According to Congressman Kevin Brady (T-TX) if Biden’s war on gas and oil is permanent, 120,000 Texas jobs will be lost.’

120,000 more jobs lost in Texas!

Rep Kevin Brady wrote:

‘UPDATE: Killing more Texas jobs.

2 days, 2 attacks on TX energy jobs.

After killing #KeystoneXL pipeline, #Biden suspends new oil/gas leasing on fed lands/water.

If permanent, 120,000 TX jobs lost. 120,000 MORE jobless.

Pssst..aren’t you supposed to CREATE jobs?’

Is Biden not the quintessential leftists?  After 2 days of woking to make it impossible and undesirable for industry to be done in the US, and while invading other nations to build pipelines there, presumably for his son’s oil companies, Biden is warning that his actions are going to have consequences … namely, and economic collapse.

Is was getting better until you showed up with your commie wrecking ball Jospeh.

China must be having a field day with this right about now.

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Gerald S Ladd January 24, 2021
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This all brought to you curtesy of voter fraud. I hope you DemonRATS starve to death.
MARK January 24, 2021
| |
We need to get rid of these commie DemoRat Cockroaches throughout our government. From top to Bottom before they completely ruin our once great nation. We have a 2nd Amendment for a reason. To defend ourselves. By exterminating these Cockroaches in the White House, Congress, the house, the judicial branch and from Municipal, County and State is self Defense and Defense of our country (our house) period. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE: GAS PRICES GO TO $8 A GALLON, YOUR TAXES GO THROUGH THE ROOF, YOUR PAYCHECK SHRINKS, THEY RAID AND ROB YOUR SAVINGS, YOUR IRA, YOUR PENSION, COST YOU MORE FOR THE ROBOT FACE MASK YOU'RE WEARING, THEY TELL YOU HOW TO EAT,SHIT, AND BREATH, TELL YOU WHEN YOU AS A SUBJECT ARE ALLOWED OUT FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME, AND THE LIST GOES ON. ETC. Most of this is being hidden under the guise of Covid to keep your eye off the ball (what is really happening)right in front of you. We need to get rid of the PROBLEM COMMIE ROACHES (ALL OF THEM) get rid of the problem before it is too late.