Go Fund Me BANS Trump Supporters Campaigns While AllFundIt Welcomes All W/ Open Arms



DROP GoFundMe and START USING AllFundIt.com, the fundraising site created by patriots, for EVERYONE!

This nation feels to be on the verge of collapsing into a terrible and dangerous Tyranny.  To be clear, we abhor violence, we do not want to see the Capitol defaced, nor courthouses in Portland desecrated and defiled.  No matter who engages in political violence, it is wrong and we condemn those actions in the most serious terms.

The being said, we do not think that it is moral, just or, good precedent to forbid people from raising money to attend political events, just because there was a problem on January 6th with a handful of people, out of a million people or so who protested at the Capitol.

Traveling to a destination to protest is not a crime, instigating violence is a crime.  Unfortunately, Big Tech’s GoFundMe has decided they are going to refuses to let people seek help to raise funds so they can exercise their 1st Amendment rights.

Luckily for America AllFundIt.com exist and they are not going to stop people from raising money to peacefully protest. you can click this link to check out the freedom site. 

According to MSN GoFundMe will no longer let users raise money to travel to political events that are likely to turn violent, the company said Tuesday, after Trump supporters used the site to fundraise for last week’s attack on the U.S. Capitol in Washington.’

Call me crazy, but in my view, I think I know where this is going … the implication is and will continue to be ‘all Trump supporters are violent’ we will no longer let them use our services.  It’s a little early to tell if this is going to be their policy forever, but their insinuation that Trump supporters will be violent is absurd.

That is why AllFundIt.com is more than happy to help people start campaigns and raise money for travel as long as you promise us you are not traveling to engage in violence.  There were millions of Trump supports at the rally on the 6th, only a small, small, percentage participated in the mayhem.  We refuse to condemn tens of millions of Americans based on the actions of a few bad actors.

It is time conservatives distance themselves from Big Tech and start voting with their dollar.  Help make AllFundIt viable so that we too will have the ability to raise funds for non violent conservative causes.

The last difference between AllFundIt and GoFundMe is that EVERYONE is welcome to use AllFundIt (provided they are operating within the laws of the land) we do not discriminate based on ideology.

Plus the ability to access your fund is much easier on AllFundIt.  After all they donated to your cause, why should AllFundIt tell you when you can and can not access your funds? Start your fund today!

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Thanks, Terry

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