Twitter Moves To Make DISENT ILLEGAL On The Platform When It Comes To Elections



Can you hear it?  That’s the sound of the social media renaissance gaining critical mass.

The hardest thing that sites like Spreely.com (currently down while they upgrade their servers and insulate themselves from Marxist attacks, but soon to be back up and in the game) had to so was to get people to realize that they NEEDED to move.

Thanks to the most authoritarian move in the history of the internet (in America), which saw Facebook, Twitter and a myriad of other sites and application ban the President of the United States from communicating with the American people who elected him the people have awakened to this need.

Not only have Americans seen Trump suffer the slings and arrows, they have been victims themselves.  The owners of this site were banned from social media be their political opinions, in our estimation, seeing as we broke no rules.

However, not it is being announced that dissent on Twitter will no longer be allowed.  Questioning the overlords is now a capital offense.

Jim Hoft reports:

‘You are no longer allowed to question the regime’.

Questioning if the election was on the up and up will not be tolerated.

‘So what if Pennsylvania had 200,000 more votes than voters.

You are not allowed to question results.

Dissent is not allowed.

Twitter bans tweet questioning fraud in the election.’

‘Twitter handed The Gateway Pundit account a 12-hour suspension for questioning the stolen election.

The Gateway Pundit is one of the top 120 websites in America today and a leading voice for conservatives.

Only Democrat-Marxists are allowed to question an election.

‘The Gateway Pundit is one of the top 120 websites in America today and a leading voice for conservatives.

Only Democrat-Marxists are allowed to question an election.

UPDATE: Twitter says challenging the election leads to violence.

Unless, of course, you are challenging the 2016 election!

This is what tyranny looks like.’

UPDATE: Twitter decided to extend the suspension for another week after the 12 hour suspension expired.  They say they are worried about “risk of violence.”

UPDATE: Twitter just increased the suspension another day since this post was updated this morning. The suspension will now last until the inauguration.

Trump supporter are no longer welcome on Big Tech Platforms.  We suggest you move to Spreely as soon as you can.  Yes, Spreely is down, just like Parler and Gab as we try to build a better foundation and the ability to keep up with the scaling issues.

In meantime down load the spreely app for your phone ASAP just in case the tyrants try to delete Spreely from the app stores, GOOGLE PLAY STORE HERE, APPLE HERE) even though they are following all the terms…

Conservative opinion writers and news reporters are under attack from the tyrants and Big Tech. We need your support now more than ever. To help us, you can do two things:

1. Like and share our articles and videos on every platform you can. Even though you are likely being censored also, it gives us a better chance of reaching a broader audience.

2. Join and become active on privately owned social media platforms. Our preferred platform is Spreely, but there are other good alternatives available.

Thanks, Terry

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