We had mentioned this a thousand times …  you never pay the pirate.  Merely voting in a corporate puppet and slave of the Chinese Communist Party was not enough for Antifa.

Pushing Trump from office (by whatever means necessary) was not enough, what these people want is PAIN.

They want you to feel PAIN, your mother? PAIN.   You sister? PAIN.

These cowards are the very definition of terrorists but instead of the radical Islamic kind, these sleep until noon in mom’s basement and are never content, thinking the world owes the something.

To all those lefties that thought installing a senile president and a former crooked cop who is a fraction Indian … not black, would appease these terrorists … this one is for you.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Not satisfied with merely forcing Trump out of office with a coup, the far left radicals of antifa took to the streets of Seattle to do, what else, riot and light fires. They demand “total abolition” according to one chant:

At one point they vandalized an Amazon Go store. Note the “Guillotine Bezos” tag:

This is just the beginning … GET OUT OF THE CITIES NOW!!

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