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Busted! Video: Reporter Has The Guts To Expose Biden Regime!


This may be the last time we see a reporter go rogue like this … enjoy it while it lasts!

There is a hidden bonus here too … Prince, the reporter gets the Biden admin spokesman to allude to the Deep State without even realizing it!

S/A| Joe Biden and higher ups were concerned because nothing he  has benifitted the voters or the country. Since they are using an American last policy agenda they had nothing to offer, so what to do?

Simple, they just take credit for what President Trump did. State Dept. spokesman Ned Price  bragged about all of the companies that quit working in a Russia pipeline to deliver oil, mostly to Germany.

With Biden in the process of eliminating American energy independence, Russia is in a a position to increase their influence over Europe and make them dependent on the Russian government. That would put Putin in the catbird seat.

Matt Lee of the Associated Press rained on his parade with his pointed question:

“Isn’t it a bit disingenuous to claim credit for the 18 companies winding down? All of this work was done under the previous administration.”

Price replied:

“That demonstrates that our strategy, including the legislative strategy, the strategy that, of course, Congress has been behind, has been working to good effect. So we’ll continue to work closely with Germany. We’ll continue to work closely with our other allies and partners in Europe to uphold Europe’s own stated energy security goals.”

Lee followed up:

“You guys have only been in office for a month, right? Are you telling me that in the last four weeks these 18 companies all of the sudden decided to say, ‘Oh my God! We better not do anything with Nord Stream 2.

“You guys are taking credit for stuff the previous administration did. Yes or no?”


“I am speaking for the Department of State! The people who have been working this, and the people who are working this now, were the same people a month ago, were the same people three months ago!”

“We are concerned about the influence that it would allow Russia, and the leverage that it would give the Russian regime over some of our closest allies and partners in Europe.”

You will get used to this. as Joe Biden caters to China, Russia and Iran, he must take credit for work that Trump actually did. But don’t expect anything new from him. He is too busy doing things for our enemies.


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Everyone knows what lying corrupt Quid Pro King Joe is up to. America was sacrificed just to get rid of Trump. Lying corrupt Quid Pro is going to transform America to a fascist totalitarian State. He wants a carbon copy of Communist China