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Democrats Move To Replace American Workers With Foreign Labor, Is Your Job Next?


A recent poll shows just how out of touch Democratic voters are or possibly just how much they hate America and all it stands for. It’s an opinion shared by the liberals they continually elect. The question was a simple one. Should major US companies hire Americans or should they be allowed to bring in cheap foreign labor to displace Americans? Not just a lot of Democrats said foreign labor but a majority said so.

There is one good thing I can see coming out of it. Once we displace enough Americans, parents will decide it’s not worth sending their kids to college after which they become unemployed or greeters at Walmart or maybe managing a Wawa Convenience Store. That way they don’t get indoctrinated at out liberal universities that go broke because no one is willing to pay their exorbitant tuition fees.

The poll was taken from January 31 to February 4 with survey of 1,250 likely voters. The question was:

“Should Congress increase the number of foreign workers taking higher-skill U.S. jobs or does the country already have enough talented people to train and recruit for most of those jobs?”

By a total of 61 to 28% agreed that “The country already has enough talented people to train and recruit for most of those jobs.” Republicans split at  78 percent to 14 percent against, and swing-voting “other” split 66 percent to 22 percent. Conservatives split 74 percent to 19 percent, and “moderates” split 61 percent to 27 percent.

But with Democratic voters it was completely different. 45 percent for foreign hiring with 41% against. Liberals went with foreign workers over Americans by 46 percent for CEOs’ preferences, to just 39 percent for hiring U.S. graduates.

Kevin Lynn, founder of U.S. Tech Workers said of Democrats:

They are no longer the party of the working people, the productive class, of the people who are paid hourly. They are the party for the people with salaries and benefits  and they don’t believe that someone from another country doesn’t have a right to a job here in America. They believe that everyone has a right to jobs here in America.

From Breitbart News

Many non-political graduates who vote Democratic do not see the danger posed by the Democratic-backed outsourcing machine, he added. “They don’t see it because they are not being sidelined right now: Eventually, they will be sidelined … But they honestly believe that their college degrees are going to save them.”

Curiously, the political divide narrowed when Rasmussen asked about importing blue-collar voters. Republicans opposed that blue-collar outsourcing by 78 percent to 14 percent — while Democrats opposed it by 56 percent to 26 percent.

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Oldwolf February 14, 2021
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Oh this is going to get alot worse befor it gets better . The old illegals will soon be crying about the new illegals taking their jobs away from them . Then the blacks will cry louder and the other races will start to want the same as all the illegals and blacks get . Never mind the real NA they always get screwed by the delusional democrats government . The real question is what about the whites that took everything away from everyone and are still in control . The delusional democrats did all the nasty crap in our government from the beginning of our so called nation . Killed off the NA , started slavey in the south . And let terrorists burn , loot and kill kids in our states for their cause . So when you say about jobs and who pays for the illegals ... why you do ,that's who .you don't really think the delusional democrats will take care of them do you ??? They won't even be aloud in their neighborhoods yet alone live next door to them . Their not that stupid knowing their the riff raff of South America. They dont want the crime rate in their blocks where they live to rise and rise it will . But in your neighborhood not theirs . All this crap for shady votes for the delusional democrats . Pay for votes is what it really is , but Iam sure they hot some fancy name for it beside fixing votes like they blame everyone else for .