Judge Drops Hammer on Liberal Who Attacked Elderly Trump Supporter


Ever since Donald trump thoroughly embarrassed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election the left has become violent, hoping to win on the streets that which they could not win at the ballot box and for the most part coming out of it unscathed.

So much so that the attacks got bolder since there has been no repercussions for their violence.

But, in Florida, 43-year-old Matthias Ajple, a registered Democrat was convicted of attacking  67-year-old Robert Youngblood.

Ajple knocked the MAGA hat of Youngblood’s head and spit on him but was caught on a surveillance camera.

Judge David Morgan sentenced Ajple to three months in jail for his cowardly attack.

That is more than most get regardless of how badly their victims were injured.

He must also pay Youngblood $155 in restitution including replacing his MAGA hat.

From The Blaze

On Oct. 25, Youngblood was with two friends at a local sports bar when Ajple walked over and said, “You should go back to Russia you f***ing communist.” As The Blaze reported, surveillance footage also showed Ajple slap the “MAGA” hat and spit on Youngblood.

Ajple then got in his car and left the scene, but not before Youngblood wrote down the car’s license plate number. Police later tracked down Ajple and arrested him.

Ajple reportedly told an arresting sheriff’s deputy that he assaulted Youngblood to protect police. “I was just trying to protect you guys because I support law enforcement. Trump supporters are communist and racist. I don’t even care that I’m going to jail; this is actually exciting.”

Ajple was booked on charges of battery.


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