OMG: What The Gov Is Doing To Poll Watchers Who Blew The Whistle On Election Irregularities Is Sick


Democrats are harassing poll watchers who reported irregularities in Pennsylvania. They complained to the County Board of Elections that ignored them, so they filed a lawsuit against the Delaware County Board of Elections.

Judge John Capuzzi dismissed the case with prejudice without allowing discovery or the presentation of evidence.

Leah Hoopes and Gregory Stenstrom are being sued for costs.

That in itself is strange because the lawyers are county employees and it did not cost them an extra dime but they want then pair of witnesses to pay a combined $20,000.

The two had testified in Gettysburg that there was no chain of custody document which is required by law and that USB drives containing the alleged votes disappeared. Shortly thereafter special agents from the office of state DOJ visited the pair in their homes and harassed them.

Bill Lawrence Online reported:

Leah Hoopes and Gregory Stenstrom are being sued for costs — claimed to be $19,224.56 — relating to their actions against the Delaware County (Pa.) Board of Elections for perceived irregularities stemming from the Nov. 3 election.

Leah and Strenstrom –who were Delaware County Board of Elections certified poll watchers and observers at the counting center — testified at the Nov. 25 hearing in Gettysburg before state senators that the chain of custody for ballots was shattered in Delaware County, and the USB drives containing records from voting machines disappeared.

Leah says when the Board of Elections ignored their concerns, they took the matter, on Dec. 22, to Delaware County Common Pleas Court.

Judge John Capuzzi did not allow them to present evidence or allow discovery to see ballots and envelopes, she says.

On Jan. 11, he dismissed the case with prejudice.

And now, the Democrat-controlled county, in which can only be considered an act of intimidation, is seeking attorney fees, despite the attorneys defending the board being county employees.

The Democratic party in Pennsylvania is trying to intimidate poll watchers so that no one dares to point out voter fraud in the future.

But, it could backfire on them.

Here is why:

Since they are suing for legal fees for an alleged frivolous lawsuit, it seems to me they would get a chance to prove their suit was not frivolous. If that is the case, the two poll watchers would be able to ask for disclosure.

I doubt if the Democrats want to give any of that up.

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