Alert: Biden’s Defense Sec Promises Purges Of Conservatives …


You have seen the pics of the troops and barriers at the Capitol.

You know about the tens of thousands of troops in DC ready to do battle with any imaginary enemy they are instructed to find.


The Gateway Pundit reported:

Joe Biden’s Secretary of Defense nominee Lloyd Austin said if he is confirmed he will “rid our ranks of racists and extremists.”

And by “racists and extremists” he is referring to white male Trump supporters.

“If confirmed, I will work hard to stamp out sexual assault and to rid our ranks of racists and extremists and create a climate where everyone fit and willing has the opportunity to serve this country,” Lloyd Austin said referring to transgenders at Tuesday’s confirmation hearing.


You did not need to see this video to know what time it is!  This is already well under way as the GWP goes one:

‘The Deep State and Marxists are waging a war on our troops.

The FBI vetted 25,000 National Guard troops in DC to ensure they will be loyal to Joe Biden.

A military loyalty test that is based on a servicemember’s social media and background is dangerous and un-American.’

If you are white, have a job and saved a few bucks, you are the enemy, turn in your guns and report to the local camp to be reeducated.

Congrats everyone, this is it, tyranny is now here.

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Old Gringo March 9, 2021
| | |
How do we read the comments...they are hidden...Why?
Old Gringo March 9, 2021
| | |
25,000 National Guard troops were vetted to insure they were loyal to Pres. Biden...Adolf Hitler did the same thing...they were called the "Brown Shirts"...In this country they are now called the "National Guard"...Is this madness or what?
Grace Bruno March 9, 2021
| | |
According to Mr.Lloyd anyone that disagrees with his ideology is an enemy. Who turned the keys to the country over to Lloyd and the Democrats. According to these people conservatives aren't allowed in the country, maybe they are the ones that should be swept OUT.
Grace March 9, 2021
| | |
In a totalitarian society such as Venezuela, Argentina, Russia, China the Elite leaders are guarded by a well paid, well vetted army. General Lloyd Austin has been chosen to weed out all right thinking service men in our military and create that well trained left wing thinking loyal army to protect the elite left. Nancy's army at the Capitol building will be the first to be vetted and the barbed wire fence will never come down and the citizens will no longer be able to enter their capitol Building. The war is over Left won.
Joe March 8, 2021
| | |
He won’t do squat!
The whole of the democrapic dungbeetles need to purged out of DC. They are traitors to our Republic. We have a great military, and they volunteer to keep our country, and we the people safe. Leave our military alone, or face the wrath of we the people in the next election. Are they trying to start a civil war? It's either going to come to that, or states start succeeding from the Union! Hopefully our military will protect us from these traitors!
Jim February 16, 2021
| | |
Sieg Heil, der Fuhrer! Are they going to be required to pledge allegiance to a person or to the Constitution? Will the Army have SS divisions like Hitler had to carry out 'the final solution'? These people need to be stopped. Now!
C.W. LAUDERDALE February 16, 2021
| | |
Special Announcement: The Secretary of Defense has announced that IAW the orders of President Biden the return to Defense Officers Personnel Management Administration (DOPMA) of a program first implemented during the Carter administration and only re-implemented during the Obama administration. Note: Each president (including Bill Clinton) between Carter and Obama refused to allow the program to proceed. Basically the program provides the following measures will be applied to each of the commissioned military officers in each category outlined below. 1. Officers being selected for promotion to pay grade O-4 (army/marine/air force: majors and navy: lieutenant commanders) will be scheduled for a lobotomy to enhance regimented thinking. 2. Officers being selected for promotion to pay grade O-6 (army/marine/air force: colonels and navy: captains) will be scheduled for a flapobotomy (see Bethesda Medical Center Surgical Procedures Manual for the procedure’s details) to enhance the officer’s ability to clearly see where he/she is going with his/her head up his/her rectum. 3. Officers being selected for promotion to pay grade O-7 (army/marine/air force: brigadier generals and navy: rear admirals/lower half) would be scheduled for attendance at the Flag Officers Sailing Course at the U.S. Naval Academy which concentrates on providing the student officer with the ability to tack with equal levels of skill to both the starboard and/or the port. Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired
Highsider February 16, 2021
| | |
No, no, no, you idiot! He's not there to protect YOU!!!
ox February 15, 2021
| | |
If it isn't Idi Amin in the flesh.
Shirley February 15, 2021
| | |
Are they going to have anyone left? Maybe they can recruit the Antifa thugs to go overseas to keep the peace.
Leroy February 15, 2021
| | |
The Commies are Coming, The Commies are Coming, The Commies are here. They want an ALL Leftist army !! Bolsheviks !
Blondie February 15, 2021
| | |
I wonder when the purge will begin!!! It should have already started with all the criminals in the White House, including himself & Biden. Of course, these Democrats have gotten away with their crimes for so long, they think it will continue. Well, I don't think so, because, some are already awakening to the Biden crime fields all through the White House & the Capitol. Let's see your purge papers Mr. Purging begins at the top & comes down. All of you are the racist individuals on the face of this earth. You are jealous of the White people, because we set goals for ourselves & then do everything in our power of integrity to make it happen, rightfully. When we whites are around you, the guilt you carry for your hidden crimes starts to stir & you have to blame the innocent WHITE people to make yourselves feel better. Since Biden illegally & due to fraud got into office, people have begun to see the crimes, lies, hypocrisy & his tyrant dictator behaviors. What a shame, when cover up is protected, rather than honest & integrity. People think they have gotten away with their crimes & fraud, but, God is the one to whom they will answer & it won't be pretty when the Karma comes back to bite them.
Oldwolf February 15, 2021
| | |
How the hell is this dumb ass going to figure out just who is the conservative and who's not . Many are blacks and if he means them too then blm don't really matter . So then the purge of the delusional democrats begins as well . Not hard to tell a delusional democrat just yell out trumps name and they start to cry . Easy target then for the purge
Charles Boyd February 15, 2021
| | |
Loyd Austin can kiss my conservative ass!
Ardvark February 15, 2021
| | |
Seems liket the first to go should Mr Austin!