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Breaking: Feds Begin To Move In On Democrat Governor


Federal investigators are allegedly closing in on Gov Andrew Cuomo of New York. The main cause of worry for the Democrats is that other Democratic governors ordered COVID patients into nursing homes just as Cuomo did in New York.

That would include Murphy of New Jersey and Whitmer of Michigan. The feds are investigating whether Cuomo and his henchpeople lied to the Justice Department.

This could force the hand of the Democrats in New York to impeach Cuomo over his serial molestation of the women working for him.

Given their choice, they would rather impeach Cuomo before the feds take action. That way they can honestly say they got rid of Cuomo themselves and hope no one realizes it wasn’t for the 15,000 nursing home deaths.

His administration hid the real number of nursing home deaths by not counting people who0 died in the hospital but contracted the disease in a nursing home.

According to the New York Times:

Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation have contacted lawyers for Mr. Cuomo’s aides, interviewed senior officials from the state Health Department and subpoenaed Mr. Cuomo’s office for documents related to the disclosure of data last year, the people said.

The interviews have included questions about information New York State submitted last year to the Justice Department, which had asked the state for data on Covid-19 cases and deaths in nursing homes, according to the people. False statements in such a submission could constitute a crime.

The New York Post confirmed the reporting:

“The probe, which is being overseen by the Eastern District of New York, opened with interviews of senior members of Cuomo’s coronavirus task force but now is looking at Cuomo and his most senior aides as well.” 

The FBI and the Brooklyn U.S. attorney’s office launched an investigation into New York’s nursing home deaths last month over accusations that they deliberately fudged the numbers on the nursing home deaths after his assistant told top Democrats that they played with the numbers to keep the Trump administration off from their backs.

New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) announced in January that an investigation by her office determined that they undercounted nursing home deaths by up to 50%.


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PeterAllen March 22, 2021
| | |
Nice to see these dem. governors being investigated but no way, any will ever, go to jail "with friend to all dems" Biden in office!
PeterAllen March 22, 2021
| | |
Seems to me that this pattycake with his staff etc,has been brought out to cover up cuomo's hand in the killing of thousands,a much more serious crime!
red March 22, 2021
| | |
Well, you can't blame the dems. CYA because they need to do something to fake they're for the people.
JR Jansen March 21, 2021
| | |
"Henchpeople"?! Oh, puh-leeze...