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HRC’s Illegal Hustle Via Ukraine To The Iranian Nuclear Program, Allegations Swirl


Opinion| Mark Sidney| Peter Santilli, the famous antiestablishment radio/TV host, who absolutely refuses to quit, has a bombshell story he is broke last night.

The alternative media icon teamed up with another star in her own right, Ann Vandersteel, of Steel Truth, to break down what some are calling the scandal to end all scandals.

Instead of write this second hand, I figured I would preview what Santilli has pulled together, and then direct you to his website to read the details and see the facts first hand.

This one story is the skeleton key which connects the dots between top ranking DS friendlies, like HRC, to Ukraine and our arch, enemy, the Sharia Law honoring, Islamic Republic of Iran, and moist importantly, their ever growing nuclear program.

That is right, HRC appears to be involved in the illegal transference of specialized steel, to Iran.  Presumably for use in Iranian centrifuges, which are possibly producing weapons grade plutonium, as you read this)

The conduit, why of course, a Ukrainian oligrach, and the largest donor to the Clinton Foundation, Ukrainian Oligarch Viktor Pinchuk! reported:Documents Provided By Former Congressman Steve Stockman and Verified By Newsweek  – Show Hillary Clinton Allowed Specialized Steel, Which Is Used For Nuclear Enrichment Centrifuges – To Be Shipped To Iran Via Ukraine, and Obama Administration Covered It Up – Retaliated Against Stockman With Trumped Up Charges Where He Remains In Federal Prison On Appeal.

-Former Congressman Steve Stockman (R) investigated suspicious shipments of “dual-use” steel to Iran in violation of Iranian sanctions. This steel was highly specialized, which is alarming because it could be used for building enrichment centrifuges. This information was corroborated with Ukrainian officials and reported by Newsweek Magazine in 2015.

-Interpipe, a company owned and operated by Ukrainian Oligarch Viktor Pinchuk (who also owned a subsidiary located in Houston,Texas) was permitted to violate Iranian sanctions while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. At the time Pinchuk was the top contributor to the Clinton Foundation.

-Stockman was also in contact with a Ukrainian intelligence official who claimed to have had direct involvement in the development of the Steele Dossier on behalf of the DNC and Hillary Clinton prior to the 2016 election. 

-Without warning, Steve Stockman was indicted in 2017 for what he called “railroading” at his trial, and was (wrongfully) found guilty of 23 charges.  During his trial Stockman was prevented from offering testimony and evidence that would have exonerated him.  

-On November 17, 2018, the former Congressman was sentenced to 10 years in prison. 

-He is currently incarcerated at a federal penitentiary in Texas while awaiting a ruling on his appeal (which could take years).

-After his sentencing and immediate incarceration, Stockman had expected to continue communication with his Ukanian friend and whistleblower.  Although the judge had discretion to allow Stockman a release pending his appeal, he was shockingly labeled a flight risk, placed in handcuffs, and quickly taken to prison.

-The status of his Ukraine contact who had become overwhelmed  with fear for his life and safety of his family, is reportedly “on the run” and now assumed missing. 

-After her appearance on The Pete Santilli Show that aired on September 2, 2019 Steve Stockman’s wife, Patti, began providing important documentary evidence regarding Ukraine corruption the former Congressman had been investigating during the Obama Administration. This documentation was and still is a matter of public record as he also provided the information in written correspondence to the U.S. Treasury and Department of Energy while he was still in office.

-The Obama Administration refused to respond to Stockman’s serious allegations and inquiries regarding matters of high public importance and national security.  The only formal response from Washington D.C. was in the form of a retaliatory indictment. The full force of the United States Government was weaponized against Stockman who was eventually wrongfully indicted, railroaded during an unfair trial, incarcerated, and left bankrupt.

-As these matters were being brought to public light, our investigative team attempted to communicate and provide documentary evidence to President Trump’s Attorney, Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

-Lev Parnas formally announced and began representing himself as “Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine investigator” on September 21, 2019.  

-Between September 21st and October 5th, 2019, our team put Lev Parnas in direct contact with Patti Stockman and then contacted  Parnas to ensure follow-through. We questioned him about whether this vital information was passed on to Rudy Giuliani and Parnas confirmed via telephone and text that he had indeed delivered all of the information to Giuliani.

-On October 10, 2019, Parnas and two others were arrested and charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States. Unlike Steve Stockman, Lev Parnas is currently free on bond pending trial.

-On January 3, 2020, a report published by revealed that Parnas was likely a subject of FISA surveillance due to his contacts with foreign entities. 

-The U.S. Government has so far refused to disclose which legally authorized form of surveillance was employed, but has formally responded by indicating they did not intend to use any information obtained through surveillance. Therefore they not required to provide information to the defendants.

-Court documents indicate that Parnas is subject to a subpoeana issued by (Adam Schiff’s) U.S. House of Representative’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which requires him to turn over any communication to the HPSCI to corroborate his wtiness testimony.

-The materials Parnas has supplied to Schiff’s HPSCI contain all of the evidence and correspondence intended for delivery to Rudy Giuliani pertaining to the ongoing Stockman Ukraine investigation.

Court documents indicate that Schiff is now in possession of Steve Stockman’s information about Ukraine corruption. 

-There are four very important questions to be answered:

1-Will Congress now investigate Stockman’s Ukrainian whistleblower’s allegation; That he was involved in helping to prepare the Steele Dossier for the DNC and Hillary Clinton?

1)Will Congress now investigate Hillary Clinton’s involvement with Ukrainian Oligarch Viktor Pinchuk’s shipment of highly specialized steel in violation of sanctions against Iran?

2)Did Lev Parnas misrepresent his roll as “Rudy Giuliani’s investigator”  and did Parnas provide all of Stockman’s important information to Rudy Giuliani?

3)If Parnas withheld such vitally important information from Rudy Giuliani, why?  Is Parnas a foreign operative?

4)Will Schiff withhold this important information from the public record & continue to coverup the Obama Administration’s & Hillary Clinton’s election meddling in 2016 & corruption in Ukraine?’

This is just the beginning, read the really juicy details at!


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