Mary Trump Says President Used N-Word…No Proof She Ever Even Met Him


Mary Trump, who wrote a book on the Trump family. She was on the Rachel Maddow Show and told the host that she personally heard Donald Trump use anti-Semitic language and the N-word. There is one little problem. It is not clear that she ever met the president.

Don Trump Jr said that he has only seen her once in twenty years and that was at a large family gathering in 2017. They were in the same room but it was a huge room and there is no evidence she ever met Trump. She does not have a single picture of herself with Trump.



I’d be willing to bet good money that Mary Trump will only appear with liberal hosts who will be careful not to ask her if she ever met the president or where she was when she heard the president use racist language.

Another interesting question about Mary’s veracity. She was only in the same room once with the president and that was in 2017 when Ivanka and her children, Trump’s grandchildren were Jewish. Israeli’s love Trump because he is the most pro-Israel president of all time.

And since her accusations against Donald Trump that she made on the Rachel Madcow Show were so definite, why did she not include this in her book? On top of that, even conspiracy minded Maddow seems a little skeptical of Mary’s remarks.

The White House put out the following statement:

“This is a book of falsehoods, plain and simple. The president doesn’t use those words.”

This looks like just another grifter trying to get rich from writing a book and making accusations against a man she likely never met or at least seen in over 20 years. She will get a lot of play from the mainstream media but as I said before, she will not appear with anyone who will ask her the tough questions.

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