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King Joseph ‘Beijing’ Biden signed three Executive Orders into law today.

Perhaps we should start calling them Royal Decrees seeing as Joe was installed and coronated rather than elected, no?

-One was designed to destroy the domestic energy industry, which will lead to crippling fuel prices, freezing seniors and filthy rich CCP officials.

In other words. Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, a treaty designed to help China and dismantle American dominance, especially in the energy sector.

The GWP explained:

The Paris Climate Accord will cost at least $1 trillion and does not put America first.

Trump exited the Climate Accord because it is one giant scheme to globally redistribute wealth.

According to a recent report, the United States reduced its CO2 emissions in 2019 and 2020 more than any other country.

China and India emissions actually grew over the last couple years.’

So, if the results were what Biden suggests he desires without the ‘treaty’, why the hell would he reenter it unless he wanted to hamstring the free market and payoff China?

-The second was an Executive order on racial equity and “support for underserved communities” … whatever that means.

For decades we have been seeking ‘equality’ for our communities, not ‘equity’, call me crazy but I bet this is a enormous wealth transfer from those who have worked their asses off, to those who have not.

I have seen Kamala tweet our a video suggesting that equality of opportunity is different than EQUITY a EQUITY IS EQUALITY OF OUTCOME … in other words, that’s communism folks.  HERE IS THE VIDEO … THIS IS COMMUNISM!!

Luckily Governor DeSantis put her in her place:

Lastly, MANDATORY MASKS SHALL BE WORN AT ALL TIMES, and you better not go within 6 feet of another human being on Federal Property or Biden’s goons will come for you.

Welcome to the beginning of the end ladies and gentlemen.  Communism is now the Democrat’s DAY ONE OBJECTIVE.

Btw … TAKE YOU GD MASK OFF!!! There is no one near you, it’s obviously just theater and it makes our whole nation look like a weak bunch of p******!

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