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Biden: Shooting War Against Conservatives Coming Soon, Calls For “Physical Revolution”


This story is from 2019 … Joe Biden knew that this day would come.  More than that, this suggests that he and his people help orchestrate the war on conservatives the nation is going through … read the man’s words yourself!

True conservatives have no interest in a ‘shooting war’ all we want is to be left alone to tend to our families and make an honest living.  We abhor violence and always have.  STAY PEACEFUL PATRIOTS! DO NOT LET JOE BAIT YOU INTO THIS TRAP

Right Wing Tribune By Steve Straub at The Federalist Papers

OPINION| Former Vice President Joe Biden has been giving lip service on the campaign trail to working with Republicans, which in turn has earned him a lot of criticism from the anti-Trump Democratic party faithful.

During today’s so called “Poor People’s Summit” Biden doubled down on his position that Democrats have to work with Republicans, or if that’s not possible then as he put it, start a “real physical revolution.”

Transcript Via Mediaite:

MSNBC’s Joy Reid, one of the moderators, told Biden at one point the initiatives he’s proposing would wind up in the Senate, currently run by Republicans. She asked, “How would you get past either a majority-Republican Senate in which Mitch McConnell was determined to kill all of these ideas or even a Mitch McConnell in the minority who repeated the consistent filibustering you had when you were vice president?”

“Joy, I know you’re one of the ones that thinks it’s naive to think we have to work together,” Biden responded. “The fact of the matter is if we can’t get a consensus, nothing happens except the abuse of power by the executive.”

“You have to go out and beat these folks if they don’t agree with you by making your case,” he continued, saying the president should be able to persuade the public

“If you start off with the notion there’s nothing you can do, well, why don’t you all go home then?” Biden said. “Or let’s start a real physical revolution if you’re talking about it. Because we have to be able to change what we’re doing within our system.”

You can shame people to do things the right way,” he added.

You can see the video here

Yes Joe, lets have a real physical revolution. Who do you think would win? NO ONE … other than China and Russia and the rest of our enemies.

Those in America who believe in the Second Amendment and have millions of guns versus those who are unarmed, or even confused as to what gender they are.

Another brilliant idea from Joe Biden.  REMAIN PEACEFUL PATRIOTS!

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Thanks, Terry

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Deborah Coleman April 4, 2021
| | |
Bet you that Bidens rifles won't get targeted!  They (Democrats), seem to be exempt from ANY laws! How sad for our Country!  Give me back MY President Trump (who WAS duly elected)! 
Cathy April 3, 2021
| | |
My biggest fear is that no matter how many oaths the army took to protect "WE THE PEOPLE" and the constitution, Biden talks a tough talk because he can't lift a finger...Forget about a physical fight. They know already the army will protect them and not us. It sounds crazy but this will happen. Hence the big show of military power at Capitol Hill. They want anarchy so they can call in the troops to put us in our place... or else! I hope their karma is coming real fast. Him, Pelosi. All the evil beings in Washington. They won't know what's hitting them. The hand of God is huge!
John April 3, 2021
| | |
Come get us you rotten communist pos. 
tunamister April 3, 2021
| | |
Dick Palmer April 3, 2021
| | |
Biden is a crazy, silly,communist freak.Watch the move "NEEDFUL THINGS''.This guy is a devil for sure.
Shirley February 18, 2021
| | |
Old "DEMENTIA RIDDEN BIDEN" has really "LOST HIS MARBLES!" First, he likes STEALING the ELECTION and know he wants to physically combat with war against "We the Conservative American People?" The DEM PARTY needs to be no more for they are acting like "Domestic Terrorists!" Just like ANTIFA & BLM Terrorists whom they have supported!
John Flynn February 15, 2021
| | |
Bob February 14, 2021
| | |
Impeach that POS. They tried to impeach Trump for not doing a damned thing so get this pedophile out now.
Bob February 14, 2021
| | |
Joe just put your arse on the front lines please. Let's see who follows you and let's see how long you last.
Ima Enyurphase February 14, 2021
| | |
Joe,you demented old fart ! I'll continue to address you by your name Joe since YOUR NOT THE REAL PRESIDENT(and never will be).You want a "physical revolution"-- REALLY Joe? Your acting just like King George(and you know what happened then).Yeah,you see he got alittle mouthy and belligerent,and sent his "redcoats"(known then as the greatest army in the world) to hassle a few "locals" who complained about some of Georges "executive orders" and it sorta got "physical".Long story short,the redcoats GOT THEIR ASSES HANDED TO THEM !Some people are getting a mite "testy" right about now-SO BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR !
Loyd February 14, 2021
| | |
Ole Joe can shoot himself in the foot,if it makes him feel better.We don't care.
Elsie February 14, 2021
| | |
Be careful what you wish for Alzheimer Boy! You won't remember where your Johnson is (if you even do now) if and when this occurs. Even your ear bud won't help soon, kind of like the "Salute the Marines" as you walked right past them and forgot to salute after your wife whispered it in you ear.. We the People knw exactly how you got where you are, and our memories, unlike yours are very long!
flashy0ne February 14, 2021
| | |
How could anyone in their right mind even consider a 'shooting' war within the Unites States?? Biden is even AFRAID of his own Army!!!
ARJAY February 14, 2021
| | |
So when does the impeachment start for quid pro quo sleepy creepy joe start!
Captain Cross February 13, 2021
| | |
Joe needs to be impeached now for inciting violent civil war in America. This was incendiary speech defined and the MSM/DNC will approve of this language so lets impeach them too.Now I don't believe Joey meant it that way but either did Trump in his speech at the capitol rally but that matters little right Lefties?
Rocky Wayne Scott February 13, 2021
| | |
Impeach Biden
Vinson February 13, 2021
| | |
Illegally elected Biden is a fool. We won't bow down to a communist regime.
Pi**ed February 13, 2021
| | |
Yes,he calls it "LOVE" & "Unity".
Kay February 13, 2021
| | |
So is Biden going to be impeached for endorsing violence or is this another case of democrats double standards? Trump called for peaceful protest and is being hung out to dry while multiple democrats called for violent protests, took a knee for them, marched with their terrorist and bailed them out when arrested like Kamala our traitorous VP imposter did. People were murdered, fed. buildings attacked, businesses looted and burned down and Kamala and Biden encouraged it.
qipityhu February 5, 2021
| | |
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AK Johnny 1 October 22, 2020
| | |
Haha! Sorry... But the lefties in America have absolutely NO IDEA how ill-prepared they are to start a national civil conflict with the modern right patriot. In fact, the right has been RESTRAINING THEMSELVES NOT TO RESPOND VIOLENTLY, even through all the recent provocations by the left. Giving us the justification to go after leftists wholesale? Would be a huge error in judgement. Leftists are viewed as a drag on America. We don't NEED leftist parasites in this country in order to function. America wpuld be more peaceful, safe, fair and efficient WITHOUT left leaners. They need to be really careful goung forward, as we have about expired our patience.
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Gary October 9, 2019
| | |
“The fact of the matter is if we can’t get a consensus, nothing happens except the abuse of power by the executive.” Really, Joe? The only abuse of power that I've witnessed for years is that of Democrats, like you, Joe. Especially you, Joe. “You have to go out and beat these folks if they don’t agree with you by making your case,” he continued, saying the president should be able to persuade the public..." Yes,Joe, everyone should agree with you. What case are you making, Joe? By the way, Trump did make his case very well. We elected him because he persuaded us with his case, you idiot! So, then you follow that paragraph with this one,... “If you start off with the notion there’s nothing you can do, well, why don’t you all go home then?” Biden said. [ “Or let’s start a real "physical" revolution if you’re talking about it. Because we have to be able to change what we’re doing within our system.”] Okay, Joe. So, now you're directing your fellow loonies to commit crimes to get what you all want? Now your calling for your followers to beat and kill those that don't agree with you!?! Man, I've never in my 67 year's witnessed such evil as what we're seeing today. This is why I am a member of the NRA and know how to defend myself. And, there are millions more just like me. Keep dancing in the minefield, Joe.
MO October 8, 2019
| | |
Well Joe may God have mercy on your souls if you push the American Patriots into a war. We will kick your ass's right back to hell.
Bama Bill October 8, 2019
| | |
Hey Joe! I'll gladly challenge you to a face to face gun fight any time you want! Winner takes "ALL"! No sense in more people dying. You spineless wimp. I'm 75, can still shoot 6 beer cans of a fence in a couple of seconds. Have won the "Skeet Shooting Championship", at one employer. Also the archery championship at Chrysler in the 1970s. Bow, pistol, or shotguns?
Patrick A Cross October 8, 2019
| | |
If there were a revolution, the democrats, liberals, illegals, and sexually abnormal would lose. First, because their "progressive" ideas sicken most Americans. Second, were a shooting war to start, there would be soooooo many targets for normal people to shoot, it wouldn't be funny.
Mike June 18, 2019
| | |
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